Pros and cons of Singapore flowers delivery

Singapore flowers delivery are usually the main service that online-based Singapore florists will provide. The may have different strategies on how to go about with their business, like where to buy the flowers and how to assure that they still look fresh when they arrive at the doorstep of the recipient.

A lot of people nowadays opt to buy their flowers from these online shops because they seem to be a great answer to their need. But actually, they come with their own set of pros and cons.

This review will tell you all about the pros and the cons of having Singapore flowers delivery to help you decide whether you should try it out next time or just stick to your local florist.


  1. It takes less time to do.

Running off to the nearest flower shop and choosing which ones you would want to buy will take up a lot of time. But, when you do your flower shopping online, you only need to spend a few minutes.

You can easily browse among the many flowers that Singapore florists can offer with just a few clicks. You can even see the designs that he or she will be able to do. As a result, you can just easily pick the flowers, the design of your arrangement, and pay through Paypal or your credit card. After that, you will have nothing left to worry about.

  1. You have more choices.

Flower delivery shops usually also have their flowers delivered. That means they can provide almost any type of flower that you need as long as they can include it in their next batch of deliveries. So, there’s no more need for you to hop from one flower shop to another just to search for the exact flowers and colors that you need for your occasion.


  1. It may be a bit more expensive.

The online flower shop will have to charge you additional for deliveries that will cover their expenses for gasoline, manpower, and any other cost Singapore florists could incur while delivering.

  1. Flowers might not be as fresh

Most online flower shops post the best photos of their products. However, there is no way for you to make sure that the flowers they will be delivering are as fresh and colorful as those in the pictures. There might be something wrong with their handling during the deliveries.


The verdict actually depends on each person and his or her flower needs. Choosing Singapore flowers delivery or flower shopping personally come with their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is completely up to you to decide which among the two options can help you with your needs.