Sugaring Paste

Shedding glance over 5 common mistakes people make while using sugar paste

Sugaring being an inexpensive, easy and fast process of removing the body hair has achieved a tremendous appeal amidst women and spa and parlors have also started drifting from regular waxing to sugaring process. Reason being, sugaring paste, which is sans harmful toxic ingredients doesn’t irritate the skin.  It`s in fact great for a healthy skin since it`s a natural process of removing the body hair. Avail further information relating to sugar paste from

But, people often commit some mistakes while using the sugar paste and hence we seek to discuss those 5 common mistakes and their rectifications.

  • Soft paste, no pain misconception- beginners often start off with a soft sugary paste. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, soft is very easy to work with and secondly since it is a soft paste it would be less painful using it.

But the truth is, you must be skilled enough and perfect to use a soft sugary paste for the first time. Even hair experts, recommend usage of a hard paste, so that you learn to soften it later and then use.  Now regarding the “less painful” conception, well if you know the technique, no procedure of would be painful, else even a soft sugar paste would produce immense pain.

  • Handling problem of sugar paste- the paste undoubtedly would be sticky as well as in liquid form and it would slide away from your hands if you handle it for a longer time.  So you should be quick while using it i.e. apply, pluck then apply pull again.
  • Using wrong technique- many women complain of not being able to pluck the hair owing to the sticky and melting liquid. But here, the problem is the usage of technique. Often women pull perpendicular to skin which is a wrong way. The correct way is to apply against the direction of hair and the pull in the direction the hair is growing.
  • Wide strip width issue- another mistakes, beginners make is complaining about the width of sugar paste strip terming it as a reason of the procedure not going by properly. However, the width of sugar strip doesn’t affect the procedure. Nevertheless, width of the strip must be wide enough so that all the sides of hair come out smoothly.
  • Be confident and quick- many people apply the paste, wait for some time and then pull or order to reduce pain and irritation. But this isn’t the way. Pausing, delays especially while pressing and pulling should be avoided. Instead, while pulling be quick and confident and only this would reduce pain to an extent.