Complete Guide for Men’s Shoes

From ages, we have heard the line “You could tell a man by his shoes” and this line still fits so perfect when it comes to styling a man. In men’s fashion, a pair of shinny and well-fitted shoes plays a significant role in conveying his style quotient without speaking anything of it. All men want to look good and perfect just like their counterparts. So, pull up your socks and pay attention to the following tips to beam an unmatched fashion statement with a little help from us.



We understand that it is not possible for every one of us to invest a fortune just for a pair of shoes but we insist you to spend a little more to get a quality product. Do not go for the shine. Look for the texture and feel of the product. Material of the shoe must be long lasting and comfortable enough to take your weight for years. It is not at all a sin to wear the same pair of shoes again and again if it is really in good shape and size. Leather is the most commonly used material for your shoes but try out something unconventional like vegan oxford shoes. Be stylish and also show your compassion to other earthlings at the same time with vegan shoes. Now you can avail some good vegan shoes that use faux leather which looks as perfect as the leather ones without compromising on the quality.


Toe Shape


Shoes are something that takes load of your whole body more than 3,000 times on a day. Now you can imagine from this that why your pair of shoes needs to be sturdy and comfortable too. While shopping for your shoes, always keep in mind how much time you are going to spend with it. Choose a toe-shape that looks well on anything you wear. Don’t go extremes while selecting the toe-shape of the shoes like too square or too pointy. If you have blunt toes, then you can surely go for a little pointy toe-shape that will give an illusion of elongated feet.


Heels of the Shoe


Usually heels gives an impression of tall stature but that does not mean you have to slip into the highest heels available in the market. Thumb rule of the heels for men is that 1.5 inches heel is just perfect for you unless you are below the 5 feet mark. Wearing too much heel can actually make you look odd and sometimes funny too.


Pairing the Right Shoe


Shoes can drastically transform the overall look of your dressing especially if you are getting ready for a formal event. Pair the right type of silhouettes with your dress so that your dress and shoe can complement each other. Avoid pairing slim-fitted shoes with baggy-style dresses i.e. don’t disturb the continuity of your dressing by wearing a shoe which looks either too slim or too broad.




So choose your shoes cautiously and let the world be astonished with your impeccable sense of style.
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