The 5 best tips for cold beer

Always cold beer at the festival and though without electricity! Sounds impossible! Let yourself be surprised! Below are the best methods for cool drinks at festivals or camping. With these 5 tips, you’ll easily have cold beer for 2-3 days without electricity or fridge. If you combine a few stubby holders, the cold chain may last even longer!

Be sure to check which drinks / packaging are allowed on your festival. Glass bottles are almost always prohibited. Many recommend canned beer and tetra packs as an alternative.

  1. Bury close

The earth stays cool! Just dig a hole in the campsite, at least half a meter deep, and put in the beer and your other drinks. Then cover everything with earth and grass again. The beer stays cool for days. Do not forget the folding spade!

Tip: Place a tent with no floor over the site and dig a kind of cellar with an intervention tunnel. If it works, so you come with a long arm without digging the cool beer.

  1. Socks method close

It’s another very simple method. Just put the beer in a wet sock and put it all in the sun. The evaporation of the water creates evaporation cold. This cools the beer to a comfortable temperature.

Tip: Maybe not use the festival sock after the third day!

  1. Self-cooling barrel close

The cleanest but most expensive solution! With the CoolKeg you have up to 24h cold beer – and on tap! After “activation” it takes about 1 hour until the beer is completely chilled. You can order it online for 14 days free of rent and deposit online.

  1. Coolbox close

The classic method is the cool box with cold packs. Almost everyone has at home and the grilled meats can also be stuck but usually only lasts 1 day. With a 12V connection, it can cool at least on the approach even in the car. Maybe you can buy at the tank also Crushed Ice.

  1. Dry ice close

Dry ice is frozen carbonated and much colder than “normal” ice. It is relatively cheap and super effective. With luck, you can get it from a butcher or a fishmonger around the corner or in the specialized trade.

Important: Dry ice is so cold that cans / bottles can burst. You can also burn your fingers on it. No way to do drink!

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